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Full Service and Preventative Maintenance plans for Fleet Vehicles

1. Every Major Fleet Management Company Accepted (ARI, Element, PHH, Fleet Response, GE Capital, Federal Government Vehicles, Enterprise, Municipal Fleets, ETC.)

2. Great Communication Skills To Reinforce Your Confidence And Satisfaction While Saving You Money

3. All Phases Of Repair Happen Under One Roof In Our 20,000 Sq. Foot Facility

4. Certified To Weld Aluminum and High Strength Steels

5. Any Job, Any Vehicle Including Light and Medium Duty Trucks
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Light and Medium Duty Fleet Vehicles 

reliable fleet maintenance to keep your trucks running
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Full Service and Preventative Maintenance for All Size and types of fleet vehicles
Full Service and Preventative Maintenance for All Size and types of fleet vehicles

AutoCrafters Fleet Maintenance

AutoCrafters provides a full service fleet maintenance on site to suit all of your business needs and to ensure your vehicles remain on the road. The importance of fleet service is necessary regardless of the number of vehicles that serve your business. With our ASE certified technicians we are a convenient  stop for fleet managers that require reliance and affordability in their vehicles. We understand that valuable time can be spent in the shop if fleet vehicles aren’t maintained on a regular basis. At AutoCrafters the repairs will completed in an efficient, and with quality workmanship and parts.  

Some reasons that past customers have chosen AutoCrafters to maintain their fleet; A reduction in downtime for the vehicles, our customers get their fleet back to full service in a shorter time. Elimination of travel time for most local business because of the convenient location of AutoCrafters, minutes from all of the major freeways. Full service fleet maintenance can provide anything from preventative work to visual inspections all from our Tempe auto repair shop.
fleet truck receiving routine auto repair work