January 4, 2016

What to do if your vehicle breaks down

If you want to be prepared for a break down, this post is an essential resource to make sure you are never caught in a tough situation with your car.

Tips From Our Mechanic Shop

How to handle a car break down

Roadway crimes against motorists are on the rise. If your car breaks down, day or night, follow these suggestions to reduce your risk of harm


Print and save this list of safety tips and keep it in your glove box to use during an emergency situation. If your vehicle breaks down, the list will be easily accessible to help you through the emergency situation


Also remember that you can use the After hours emergency line to call AutoCrafters during an emergency while the Auto Shop is closed. The number will provide assistance and directions to AutoCrafters.


Safety Tips


Position the vehicle as far from the traveled roadway as possible to prevent passing vehicles from causing a collision


Turn on your four-way flashers


Always exit the vehicle on the passenger side


Open the vehicles hood and perform an visual inspection of the engine area


Tie a light colored cloth to the antenna or door handle to signal for help


Carry a sign that says ‘send help’ and place it in a window visible to other passerby motorists


If a person approaches, crack the window and ask them to call local law enforcement


Stay in your vehicle until a uniformed law enforcement officer arrives


Do NOT leave your vehicle unless under extreme circumstances. Lock all vehicle doors. Beware of individuals in civilian clothes driving unmarked care who show what appears to be a badge. Instead, request that a marked vehicle be called to the your location.


If you must walk, write down your name, date, time you left, the direction youre headed, and what you are wearing. Leave this in the car for law enforcement officers to find when they reach your deserted car.


If you must accept a ride from another motorist, leave the following information at the vehicle. Your name, name of the motorist who gave you a ride, the time and date which you left, the plate number and description of the vehicle which you are in, and the direction you are headed


Consider keeping the following items in your vehicle, a pencil/paper, ‘Send Help’ sign, CB or cellular phone, and a flashlight.

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