February 28, 2017

What to do After an Accident

In a car accident? Check out this post to make sure you are covering all your bases after a vehicle collision.

Post Accident Tips

Auto accidents are all too common and can be stressful for all involved leading also cause unexpected expenses. Whether you drive a sports car (like a Dodge Challenger), something more family sized (like a Nissan Rogue), or anything in between, AutoCrafters is here to help. If you are involved in a collision, AutoCrafters is here to help get you back on the road, whether it's helping arrange a rental car, assistance with a tow truck, or getting your car repaired with peace of mind included. Something important to consider is to make sure you are prepared by keeping certain items in your vehicle. Examples are cones, flares, or other reflective items in order to increase the visibility of your vehicle on the side of the road, a pen/paper are going to come in handy when you need to jot down notes.


Stay Calm and Assess the Situation


After you are involved in a collision, the first thing that should be done is to remain calm and assess the situation. If there is any type of injuries, you should call an ambulance in order to get checked out and minimize the risk of long term injuries. In the event that the accident is minor, you should attempt to move the vehicle(s) out of the road to minimize the risk of causing another accident. If this is not possible, then activate your hazard lights and then proceed to call the local police department. If the other parties involved try to not contact the authorities, they should still be so that a formal report can filed. The next step should be then to collect all parties involved information, such as names, phone numbers, license plates, and insurance carriers. Your insurance company should then be contacted by phone to begin the claim process. Some other important things to consider are; do not sign any documents unless it is from a police officer or a representative from your insurance agency. If possible, also take some photographs and notes regarding the entire accident in order to correctly recall the events as the occurred. Another key consideration is to not admit guilt or try to put blame on any parties, no matter who was at fault. Your discussion should be limited to the proper authorities or your insurance agent in order to minimize the confusion and to make sure the correct decisions are made. In the days following an accident, make sure to remain in contact with the insurance agents involved and if necessary, make any court appearances. Our shop here at AutoCrafters, is conveniently located in Tempe and is able to handle all of your collision repair needs. Whether it is a simple fender bender or a nearly totaled vehicle. AutoCrafters has the professional and certified mechanics and auto repair technicians that will get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.


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