May 1, 2016

Summer Vehicle Maintenance

The Arizona summer heat can do a number on your vehicle. Read our summer vehicle maintenance tips to make sure your car remains in proper working order.

Summer Car Maintenance Tips

The Summer months are getting closer and this means that temperatures are going to be approaching triple digits, meaning that your vehicle needs to be cared for. If this is your first summer living in Arizona after hiring a moving company and coming to the southwest, it's particularly important that you make sure your car is ready for the heat. Our main purpose at AutoCrafters Complete Service and Collision Center is to provide high quality auto repairs and superior customer service. Gaining trust and exceeding customers' expectations is at the heart of our organization, as we give all customers an exceptional experience while having their vehicle serviced.

We continue to strive to be a leading example in the auto repair industry and at the same time support our local community.

Auto Crafters’ full air conditioning repairs include:

• Flush the refrigerant from the system.

• Recharge your unit’s compressor system to the manufacturer's specifications

• Pinpoint any areas of Freon loss from your air conditioning unit

• Service parts of your auto’s air conditioning system, including controls, parts and sensors.

• Run complete testing of your auto’s air conditioning unit to ensure all parts are operating properly and at maximum efficiency

Our service technicians are thoroughly training to service all cars, foreign and domestic, so regardless of what you own, you can be sure that you are getting the best for your car with every visit to our shop.

There’s no reason to wait until the heat of summer begins to make sure your auto air conditioning repairs and maintenance are complete.

For more than 30 years we have been the premier auto air conditioning resource for Tempe and Scottsdale. In that time we have earned a reputation for having service technicians who are the best at what they do, and they do it to ensure your full satisfaction.

It’s getting to be that time of year again, when the temperatures rise and get us thinking about how to keep cool, whether we’re inside the house or in the car.  Unfortunately, we don’t often think about our auto air conditioning until we’re in the car and on our way somewhere.  If you know your vehicle’s air conditioning could use some work to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency, at Auto Crafters we want to take some of the heat off of your concerns.

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