March 4, 2016

Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

Want to improve reliability and gas mileage for your vehicle? Follow these tips to get the most from your car.

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If properly done, preventative maintenance, inside and out, can add years to the life of your vehicle. Some of the following maintenance tips are easy to perform while other should be performed by qualified technicians; all can result in a saving on future automotive service. If serious problems develop, the vehicle should be taken to a qualified automotive service facility. The automotive service association (ASA), a 50 year old national non-profit trade association, serves more than 15,000 businesses and more than 60,000 professionals from all segments of the automotive service industry. Look for the red, white, and blue ASA sign displayed by member businesses when choosing an automotive service facility.


Preventative maintenance that you can do your self:


The vehicle fluids are very important and should be checked regularly. These fluids include the following:


Brake Fluid- This check is done by loosening the clip on the master cylinder and removing the lid. If fluid is needed, consult the vehicle owners manual for the correct type and then fill to the recommended level.


Power Steering Fluid- This check is done by removing and checking the dipstick. NOTE: the dipstick is attached to the cap of the power steering reservoir. Use the dipstick to check fluid level in the same manner as you would check engine oil.


Transmission/Transaxle Fluid- This check should be done while the engine is running in neutral with the parking brake securely set. The transmission should be at operating temperature. Remove the dipstick, wipe clean, and remove again to check fluid level. CAUTION: DO NOT OVERFILL!


Windshield Washer Solvent- This check should be done by removing the cap of the reservoir and re- filling with windshield washing fluid.


Anti Freeze- This check is done by removing the radiator cap from the cool engine and refilling when the volume is low with anti-freeze.

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