October 7, 2015

Looking for a Mechanic?

How to choose your auto repair shop based on tips from the pros

Tempe Mechanic and Auto Repair

If you are ever in need of some car repair, the thought of choosing a mechanic should be a simplified process in order to ensure your car gets back fully functioning. With so many body shops around the Phoenix/Scottsdale area there should be a sure way to determine what to look for in choosing a good mechanic. Here we have developed a list, written from some leading experts in the auto repair industry for characteristics in a quality mechanic. Weather its for a local Arizona State University student or a stay at home mom that is looking for a mechanic, this will explain key points to ensure you get the most for your money when choosing a car repair service.

Good Mechanic:


There is enough stress involved with not having a functioning car and the process of choosing a mechanic should be straightforward. There are many different clues to look for in a body shop and it starts from the first point of contact. Weather it be on the website or a referral from a friend, a mechanics should always be listening to the customers problems to ensure everyone is on the same page. There will be a customized repair plan given from the mechanic that will result in good, better, best outcomes for the repair. It will be easy to distinguish a mechanic that has previous experience and already can show their results are excellent. It is necessary to receive fast and friendly service to limit the inconveniences or frustrations that come along with the auto repair process. A friendly and reliable mechanic will be determined to find the source of the problem and utilize the correct hardware and techniques to ensure the repair will last. It will be easy to distinguish once the proper mechanic is found for the job because they will provide follow up calls to their customers and make sure that both parties are satisfied. Once a quality body shop is found, the customer service and mechanics will be recognized in the community as proving locals with professional workmanship.



Bad Mechanic:

The steps in determining a quality mechanic are more straight forward then spotting a bad mechanic and therefore makes the process more tedious. Some flags that commonly arise when dealing with shady mechanic are the sales tactics they are used. They will seem determined to sell you something that you desperately need and they do not consider the customers price range. Another flag to a bad mechanic will be they do not take responsibility if the repair does not work out and will continue to keep the customers car in demands for more money. This can be the case if the mechanic does not know the source of the problem with the car and they could be using the wrong parts to try and fix the issue. There will be a lack of empathy and no extra effort will be provided to the customer, which will continue to be dissatisfied with the services. The mechanic needs to be fully focused on the customer and then the best outcome will be received. 

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