February 22, 2018

How to Get the Thrill of Racing Without Owning a Sports Car

Prepare to pack your bags and takeoff to get your thrill without having your own sports car.

Let’s face it, not all of us can afford a super car at the moment and will have to settle with our Mazdas and Subarus. They are pricey, require tons of maintenance and knowledge, and are not very suitable to put a car seat in (for those who have little ones).

The good news is that your dreams of adrenaline pumped racing can still be fulfilled! You might be asking yourself, “but how?” Well, if you travel or live near the Las Vegas area then you are in for an abundance of ways to get your thrill.  Racecar ride-a-longs, ATV four-wheeling, high-powered go-karts and more! Prepare to pack your bags and takeoff to get your thrill without having your own sports car.

SpeedVegas Super Cars

How about really making those dreams become a reality. What if someone told you that you could pick among some of the fastest vehicles on earth and race them to beat your lap time? You would be jumping for joy, right? Well, at SpeedVegas, you can actually choose one of these crazy fast vehicles ranging from a Ferrari 458 Italia to a Lamborghini Huracan.

The best part is that you pay per lap. This allows people who just want a taste to hop in and experience one lap in their dream car. Not to mention, SpeedVegas offers a 1.5-mile track with a half a mile straight, which is one of the longest driving experiences in Vegas.

Safety is also of the upmost importance there, especially with their track being purposefully built to exceed FIA level 2 standards. So, choose your multi-million-dollar vehicle and take those banked turns and straights like you own it.

Gene Woods Go-Kart Racing Experience

Grab some of your best friends and get ready to compete head to head in these incredibly fast and high performance go karts. Grip your tires along the 3/4 mile track while racing up to 45 miles per hour, which is much faster than your average go-kart’s top speed. You can take the apex on every turn and shave down your lap time in 15 wheel-gripping laps.

If you’re enjoying the warm Las Vegas weather and forget to bring closed-toe shoes and socks, you can rent them for $2. Stunning views of the sunset, close proximity to the strip, and frequent deals on late night races makes this a hotspot for thrill seekers. When you are not racing, feel free to get competitive with your pals in the game-riddled arcade.

NASCAR Ride Along – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

One must admit, sometimes riding as passenger in a very fast car is much more comforting than driving one yourself. Getting comfortable handling high speeds and sharp turns can take years of experience, so having a professional race you around takes off the stress while you get the adrenaline rush of your dreams.

If you’re near Nevada, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is just 15 miles from the strip and offers a three-lap NASCAR ride along! Something about having a professional racer drive you allows you to really take in how a car is supposed to be experienced. Heart-pounding acceleration mixed with feeling the cornering and braking that only a trained professional can offer is exhilarating. You will also find yourself even more at ease once you go through a safety briefing and get strapped into a 5-point harness and bucket seat.

All-Terrain Nellis Dunes ATV Tour

Experience the outdoor Nevada desert with this incredible Nellis Dunes ATV Tour. Once the guest is outfitted with a complimentary helmet, goggles, and gloves, the ATV Tours lets them loose to explore the outskirts of Las Vegas. Expect to get a little dirty as you travel fast through the dunes and mountainous trails with your best pals and new friends.

The professional guide will also fit you with ATV that matches your skill level and this can include 250cc ATVs, 450cc ATVs or their newly acquired Can-Am Maverick 1000s. This custom-tailored riding experience is truly unique, especially when fighter planes from Nellis Air Force Base soar through the sky above.

Heart-Stopping Roller Coasters

Las Vegas is riddled with awesome, thrilling rides. One of the most notable is the Big Apple roller coaster at New York-New York. Located on the second level inside the New York-New York hotel-casino, this roller coaster features towering drops, multiple loops, and a stunningly gorgeous view of the strips. You hop in to what seems to be a yellow cab that’s retrofitted to be a roller coaster. The scenery is what truly makes this ride an unforgettable one. Keep that in mind when you are going for a loop next to the statue of liberty replica!

As you can see, Vegas is a one stop shop for fulfilling all of your adrenaline rush needs. From crazy fun go-karts, to exhilarating roller coasters, there is no shortage! Just make sure to rev the engine a few times once you hop inside a super sweet sports car. There is nothing quite like it.

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